Dove Cameron APOLOGIZES After Criticizing Fan on Twitter

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron APOLOGIZES After Criticizing Fan on Twitter

Dove Cameron finds herself under a bit of hot water after harshly criticizing a fan for her very “small and unimportant life goal.”

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Way harsh, Dove. Butttt, we totally get what you were saying.
Fans spamming their faves and asking celebrities to notice them is a pretty common occurrence on Twitter, but unfortunately one fan’s ‘notice me’ tweet to Dove Cameron rubbed her the wrong way.
It all started when a fan by the name of Nicole tweeted at Dove QUOTE, “Honestly my goal right now in life is for you to notice me.” Pretty tame, right? Well, Dove had a LOT to say about Nicole’s current goal in life.

Dove proceeded to quote Nicole’s tweet and responded with QUOTE, “That’s a very small and unimportant life goal. And maybe if I notice you, you will realize how unfulfilling that is and turn your phone off because celebrities don’t matter. GO FIND YOURSELF IN NATURE AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE PHILOSOPHY. Aim higher, babe.”

As soon as Dove’s response hit the internet, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to start the inevitable -insert celebrity name here- is over party hashtag.

One user responded to Dove and tweeted QUOTE, “Girl you should have just hit follow and kept it moving. Twitter is not the place to be a faux philosopher.” While another wrote, “Dove Cameron really thought she did something with that tweet huh?”

Another different user decided to turn the Twitter exchange into a meme by tweeting a made-up conversation between themselves and Dove. They wrote QUOTE, “Me: Hey – Dove Cameron: ‘Hey’ is an insignificant and unimportant greeting. Saying it in person means way more. Maybe turn off your phone and say hey in real life!!”

Once the backlash from other fans and Twitter users in general got back to Dove, she tweeted an apology and explanation, saying QUOTE, “Hey all! I truly truly didn’t mean to say anything earlier that hurt feelings. I love love, and I want everyone to feel that love for themselves! Sometimes I see celebrity culture and think it encourages something a bit insidious, and I talk about that a lot! I definitely see how my words seemed harsh. I meant them as loving! I put things very bluntly sometimes, because that’s just how I think and like to be communicated with! But I always community with the intention of my fans loving themselves, not the opposite! I’m blind to how things sound sometimes.”

Well, what did you guys think of Dove’s apology? Did it sound sincere or do you think she was just trying to ease the backlash? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Thanks so much for watching, I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll see ya next time.

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